Acupuncture & Muscle Release Therapy for Animals

" Acupuncture and Manual Osteopathic Manipulation is one of the fastest growing areas in Equine and Canine medicine "
Nash is one of the select few practitioners in NZ who's an expert on these modalities.


I use acupuncture, muscle release and laser therapy to target specific trigger points for health issues, performance management, rehabilitation, or maintenance on your race horse, sport horse, dog or cat.

Meet Nash

I am extremely passionate about the welfare of animals and the important role that equine and canine physical therapy plays and aim to maximise their quality of life. I am constantly continuing to develop my skill set to better care for your animals.

What My Clients Have to Say

" When I contacted Nash I was literally at my wits end and ready to retire my horse!! He was unable to perform even the basic movements such as turning a circle or going in a straight line he fell over on the lunge. After one session he was able to turn and move forward and after the 3 sessions he is almost the horse he was 6 months ago. I am eternally grateful to this amazing lady and what she has done for my show horse. "

Show Horses: Zoe Cobb

Successfull in Treating

  • Back pain
  • Lameness
  • Head shakers and wobblers
  • Behavioral issues
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • And more.........

My Blog

Exercises for Young Dogs

October 17, 2017
Hi Everyone,
I have recently been getting a few young dogs coming in for AMRT sessions for arthritic changes and joint pain. So, I decided to do a newsletter ‘series’ for dogs that will include exercises and care from the young dog through to the older dog.  The purpose of the suggested exercises and ca...
read more

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