Talks & Demonstrations

Nash from Animal Muscle Release Therapy Ltd. would be happy to arrange talks and practical demonstrations to take place at your local pony club, RDA or Kennel Club. This can be tailored to suit any request.

Previous examples include:
  • RDA National Training Seminar (Signs of a sore horse & Prevention of sore back with an overview of Horse Biomechanics )
  • Equine Anatomy & Biomechanics (Cambridge Riding Club)
  • Equine Back pain and anatomy of the Equine Spine (Lecture)
  • Surface anatomy and palpation (Lecture and practical demonstration)


  • Raw Essentials Hamilton 
  • RDA group 

Clinic/ Workshops

Nash enjoys sharing her knowledge with Pony Clubs, kennel clubs and breed clubs, and occasionally hosts her own workshops. Click here to subscribe and be kept in the loop when these are happening.

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