" When I contacted Nash I was literally at my wits end and ready to retire my horse!! He was unable to perform even the basic movements such as turning a circle or going in a straight line he fell over on the lunge. After one session he was able to turn and move forward and after the 3 sessions he is almost the horse he was 6 months ago. I am eternally grateful to this amazing lady and what she has done for my show horse. "

Show Horses: Zoe Cobb, Cambridge
Hi Nash,

Charlie had his first show today just a little fun dressage day. He was perfect! Nice and relaxed no stiffness, bucking or hollowness. We got a score of 69.8% our highest yet so thank you for making Charlie feel better!!

Have a great Christmas

Dressage: Devon Tretheway, Te Aroha

" Nash has been an integral part of getting my horses feeling well and maintaining their physical conditional, both horses are feeling and performing so well and I will definitely keep Nash booked in for regular treatments! And the horses love her too! "

Eventer: Elsa Wrathall, Te Kowhai
" Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Nash from Animal Muscle Release Therapy for treating my horse Gazza (Showcause) all season. He was a typical stiff off the track TB when I got him and she's done a great job into turning him into a supple, loose and free moving and jumping eventer! I credit a big part of winning the national pre novice title at Taupo 3 day to her and the work she has done through the season to keep him happy and sound "

Eventer: Kelsey Jade Leahy, Cambridge
" My horse was restricted & tight behind, we could not do much with him. Nash treated him for 3-sessions & the results were terrific. He is now free in his action "

Owner: Bob Emery, Cambridge

" Hamilton RDA has received the full benefit of the work that Nash does with our horses. She has introduced us to the world of Bodywork and its many advantages, Nash's polite easy manner and her informative, friendly ways have meant that we are all included and understand what each horses is going through "

We value and appreciate the work that Nash has done on our horses, and highly recommend her to everyone.

Coach/ manager for "Hamilton Riding for the Disabled Inc." (RDA) : Dna Wells

" A huge believer in time heals, with the addition of sessions with Nash during their time spelling really helps the horses 'do well' during their spell enabling them to come back into work at their best they can be and utilize their spelling time effectively. Also regular maintenance sessions during work enable the horses to perform at their best. Nash is very thorough and professional whilst being genuine and really cares for each individual horse and always follows up how they are going, would happily recommend her to anyone "

Trainer: Bambry, Mangatiki Bloodstock, Palmerston North
Hi Nash,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing work you have done on my horses. Charlie has been ridden 4 days in a row now and he's been perfect! Is now pushing from behind at the trot, canter transitions are much easier and is stretching and moving more forward at the walk something he has always found difficult! Benny will hopefully be ridden tonight so will keep you updated

Devon :)

Duty coach and Horse manager
Te Aroha and Districts group RDA

" I have a young dressage horse who was showing signs of being sore behind. She looked a bit poor and can say her muscle tone has improved. I got Nash to do 3 EMRT sessions and first two treatments she appeared quite sore on one side and by third treatment she had freed up much more and was happy and content with the Bodywork session. I have tried many different treatments for her and AMRT has suited her well, additionally there is no forceful manipulation. I like the non invasive, trigger point approach and recommend it to everyone I know with horses "

Owner: Nicki Hallan, Hamilton

" I am the owner of a five year old Rottweiler cross who has been suffering from arthritis for the past two and half years. Because of her young age I was reluctant to put her on medication right away and instead opted for an alternative approach using supplements. I added glucosamine, condroitin and flax seed oil to her feed and this winter turned to Nash for Canine Muscle Release Therapy. 

She had five intense treatments over a course of six weeks. I found Nash's therapy to be very non invasive, making my dog feel very relaxed and comfortable. It took a few treatments to see an improvement in her movements. 

Her coat took on a shine and her energy also improved. My goal with Nash is to maintain the situation with a monthly treatment so that my dog can continue to exercise daily and enjoy her life without struggle and pain. So far I am very satisfied with the results and would highly recommend Nash to anyone! "

Owner: Bethany Sharfe, Tauranga

Hi Nash,

Thought I would let you know what a huge improvement there has been in Haze since her last session, I have my old dog back. Running the hills, working and without the arrogance of before (pain induced maybe!)

Thanks heaps.!



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