Call Nash Now to Discuss Your Animals Issues

Due to High volume of appointments, it is best to text Nash on 021 265 4522 

When sending text message: 

  • Please State Full Name 
  • Animal's name (for new clients)
  •  Location for Horses (Cambridge only) (Dogs and Cats come to home clinic)
  • Any Issues your wanting to address 
  • When are you available ( Last appointment of the day is at 4 pm, Saturdays are till midday at Practice, Closed on Sundays)
  • Many Horses from further away travel to the Practice for sessions

Mobile: 021 265 4522


Practice Address: 472 Bruntwood Rd. 

                          Cambridge 3493 New Zealand

Horses, Dogs & Cats can be brought to the Practice by appointment only

New Clients: Sessions commonly take about 1 hour and it is recommended to not work the animal after the session and giving them a day off the next day to allow to respond to the session. 

Generally 2 Sessions are recommended a week to 10 days apart, for more chronic conditions a 3rd session is recommended. After that a follow up session a month after is recommended. 

Current Clients: Owners may contact for maintenance sessions when required or when previously discussed on a regimen 

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