Muscle damage is...

Muscle damage is undoubtedly the most common cause of back injury in the horse. This involves mainly the muscles that extend the back and flex the spine. Their primary role is to control the stiffness of the back. Strain or injury of these muscles occurs most frequently because of a slip, fall, or poorly executed jump. It might be caused through fatigue or inadequate fitness. Visible Signs are onset of poor performance often accompanied by a change of temperament; sometimes with local swelling and heat.
The back is kept rigid and there is a restriction in the hind limb gait, often with a wider than normal placement of the hind feet. Stiffness of the hind limbs and back is seen but no clear signs of lameness are evident. There is obvious pain on palpation and a marked reduction in flexibility.

AMRT could help to resolve the resulting pain, muscle spasm and tightness caused.


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