What is Myofascial Release and Trigger points in Equine and Canine ?

Fascia is a single structural entity that extends from the tip of the horse's ears to his feet and supports and envelops every organ of the body. A gelatinous substance in the normal state, fascia can become rigid and fibrous. It is elastic, but susceptible to shortening and forming fibrotic bands when subjected to chronic stress. It is piezoelectric, meaning that when pressured or stretched, it gives off electromagnetic signals.

Fascia is richly endowed with nerve endings and produces pain of a burning nature. Trigger points exist in taut bands of muscle or tendon tissue and will twitch when pressed. 

The area of a trigger point is tight, but not fibrosed, and will soften and relax with the appropriate treatment. Myofascial release aims at softening and relaxing fibrotic fascia, based on the contention that tension, shortening, or thickening anywhere in the fascia can affect total body function and might set up a chain of Misalignments and restrictions throughout the body.

Fascia can place enormous tension on both osseous and soft tissue structures. Because fascia extends throughout the body, all musculoskeletal trauma involves the fascia. The goal is to allow the fascia to release its tension. Prolonged light pressure is used on specific trigger points.


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