General Progression Of Muscle In Equine / Canine

Trauma or Strain -----> Tightening -----> Spasm or Muscle Tear -----> resulting in Malfunction.

When muscles tighten and cannot achieve full release, they remain tight and shortened, or contracted. This puts strain on the surrounding areas. Tight back muscles pass their inability to release to the muscles of the shoulder and hindquarters. In time this can lead to tightness in the tendons and ligaments of the lower limbs. This can lead to serious performance issues and injury.

At shows/events, you may see horses / dogs that are not technically lame, but show signs of stiff back, tight shoulders, not tracking up and other musculoskeletal symptoms, which could be helped with Muscle Release Therapy. Back pain or neck pain can arise from injury, arthritis, Kissing Spines, saddling faults, shoeing faults, riding practices and from excess load.

A horse / dog that is supple, flexible and balanced has reduced risk of injury as the muscles and tendons are better prepared to adapt to the stresses put upon them especially a horse where there is an additional weight of rider. Muscle Release Therapy on a regular basis is a beneficial contributory factor in giving your horse/dog the optimum chance to stay fit and perform at his best.

Many owners report their horses/ dogs feel freer through the back, more supple and happier in themselves post-treatment and more energetic.

AMRT (Animal Muscle release therapy)
The treatment involves a series of gentle, cross fibre moves over key neuro-muscular points on the animal’s body. The moves gently stimulate the central nervous system, muscular and skeletal systems, giving the horses body the opportunity to restore structural and functional integrity.
• Not tracking up
• Muscular tension/strain
• Sacroiliac injury, acute or chronic
• Muscle atrophy and uneven development
• Hindquarter, stifle, or shoulder tightness
• Unbalanced, disunited gait or irregular action
• Neck and poll restrictions
• “cold” or sore back



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