Canine Manual therapy



February 2, 2015
What happens in the horse’s body when being ridden, how the rider’s imbalance, muscular imbalance and scar tissue in the horse can restrict the horse’s movements and create pain. Often misbehavior due to pain is interpreted as naughtiness. There goes the dream for the ...
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Many dogs of all breeds and ages are affected by cruciate ligament injury where many have to turn to surgery. The cruciate ligaments are two structures that run between the weight bearing surfaces of the stifle (knee) and help support thejoint of a dog. One ligament runs fro...
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Glucasamine in pet foods

January 2, 2014
Is Glucasamine supplementation in your pets food enough ? If your pet has arthritis, or hip displaysia, and his condition needs some TLC. What do most pet owners look for in this case? Glucosamine. As an effective anti-inflammatory, glucosamine is one of the most widely used...
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Few people have been asking me well if it’s not lactic acid then what causes muscle soreness after workouts. The specific type of muscle soreness has been called “delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS), was thought to be caused by lactic acid build up in the muscles dur...
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Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel: It has always been thought that they have to learn to work out at just below their "lactic threshold," that point of diminishing returns when lactic acid starts to accumulate. But that, it turns out, is all wrong. Lactic acid is ac...
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Equine and canine athletic injuries occur as a result of (1) lack of fitness, (2) poor conformation (3) poor equipment (4) poor technique (5) accident For the equine athlete there is an addition of the rider, the rider's weight, the riders ability and fitness. Animals firs...
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Trauma or Strain -----> Tightening -----> Spasm or Muscle Tear -----> resulting in Malfunction. When muscles tighten and cannot achieve full release, they remain tight and shortened, or contracted. This puts strain on the surrounding areas. Tight back muscles pass t...
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Arthiritis in Small Animals

September 13, 2013
Arthritis Arthritis is an extremely painful joint disease that is associated with articular cartilage degeneration. The most common reason for this occurrence of wear and tear is age, biomechanical stress or overweight. Incorrect nutrition as a kitten or puppy or genetic ...
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