Equine Poll and Neck Problems

September 19, 2014
Remember the last time you rolled out of bed in the morning feeling like you must have slept with your neck contorted like a noodle? The lingering stiffness lasts all day, making simple things like dressing and driving a pain. Now, imagine you're a horse with neck ...
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I have recently been dealing with thoroughbreds and standardbreds that have got certain problems due skeletal formation of the equine. Thus, this blog is mostly for having an understanding of horse's skeletal development and primary causes of DOD and Wobbler's syndrome whic...
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Every ill fitting saddle starts a spiral of pain. The horse moves in a different frame to avoid the pain caused by pressure points. The result is that other parts of the body get over worked or work improperly. A lot of horses tolerate pain for quite a long time and on...
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